UK Otolaryngology Residents use Simulation Center as part of Pediatric Otolaryngology Resident Teaching Series

Caitlin Fiorillo, MD, recently coordinated the UK Otolaryngology Resident Teaching Series for pediatric otolaryngology. As part of the 8-week curriculum, UK Otolaryngology residents participated in several simulation scenarios in the UK Simulation Center. The scenarios included rigid endoscopy setup to foreign body removal to microscopic laryngeal surgery. UK Oto resident physicians routinely praise the integration of simulation into the curriculum, as the hands-on experience serves to better prepare for the OR or to polish skills. Dr. Fiorillo states, “I believe that didactics combined with hands-on simulation experience is critical to a robust educational experience and to preparing residents for the operative theatre. Our high-fidelity simulation is second-to-none for mimicking real-time experience in the endoscopy suite or in the OR.”