Since the inception of the University of Kentucky Department of Otolaryngology residency program in 1990, all former residents are currently board certified by the American Academy of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery. Past residents have gone on to practice within a variety of settings throughout the country. Multiple residents have succesfully matched into and completed fellowship training within several sub-specialities, including facial plastic surgery, neurotology, head and neck cancer surgery, laryngology, pediatric otolaryngology, and rhinology. Our faculty takes pride in fostering the individual interests and career goals of each resident. We take pride in providing our trainees with all clinical and surgical skills necessary to become expert otolaryngologists, no matter what career path they ultimately pursue.

UK Otolaryngology Alumni

2021: Benjamin Lehmkuhl, Bryce Noblitt, Nicole Starr
2020: Ryan Neff, Jon Slezak, Adam VanHorn
2019: Nicole Colgrove, Kyle Fletcher, Michael Kaufman
2018: Kristan Alfonso, Caitlin Fiorillo, Mitch Dobberpuhl
2017: Brian Hixon, Andrew Ebelhar, Mark Ringstrom
2016: Jordan Pleitz, Paul Radabaugh
2015: Jerry Fikhman
2014: Josh Dixon, Natalie SIlver
2013: Justin Way, Deanne Roberts
2012: Brad Morris, Chris Bingcang
2011: Brett Comer
2010: Michele Streeter, Brian Helton
2009: Robert Wilson
2008: Manu Gujrati, Matthew Bush
2007: David Gossman
2006: Brian Heaberlin, Jeremy Cuzzourt
2005: Michael Cecil
2004: Chad Secor, Jonathan Doty
2003: Jong Yoon
2002: Sam Pruden, Jason Diamond
2001: William Jarrett
2000: Michael Boggess, Greg Abbas
1999: Karl Studtmann, Steve Shotts
1998: Richard Rosenblum
1997: Oma Hester
1996: Shelly Browning
1995: Tuesday Bigelow
1994: Howard Farrell