UK Otolaryngology participates in the Region 10 SNMA Conference

UK Otolaryngology faculty and residents participated in an ENT skills lab for the Regional 10 Student National Medical Association (SNMA) Conference. The goal of the skills lab was to allow medical students early, hands-on exposure to otolaryngology procedures and and equipment. The hope is that medical students will choose to investigate otolaryngology as a career possibility at an earlier stage in their careers. Stations included a maxillofacial plating session courtesy of Synthes, a rigid and flexible endoscopy session, and a mock ear tube session. Participating medical students had the opportunity to use drills and screwdrivers to place plates and screws on maxillofacial mannequins. They also were able to perform endoscopy on each other as well as place ear tubes in a model. Feedback from the skills session was very positive both from a learner standpoint and from a teacher standpoint.

A big "thank you" goes out to Synthes Corporation and Jason Gerwe for providing equipment for this lab.