Resident Research

The residency program requires residents to design, complete, and submit two research projects for publication in an academic journal of their choosing. While residents may research any topic of interest, one basic science project and one clinically project must be completed. We have full-time research faculty and receive NIH funding.

Upon completion of their intern year, residents are provided an outline for successful completion of research requirements. Prior to initiation, residents are encouraged to identify a faculty mentor who will provide guidance and monitor progress throughout the projects completion.  Two months during the PGY-3 year and one month during the PGY-4 year is dedicated to research activities.  All research activities are supervised by the research committee consisting of Drs. Thomas Gal, Matthew Bush, and Jennifer Shinn.

The primary objective of resident research is to submit papers for publication in peer-reviewed journals. Additionally, residents are encouraged to submit their work for presentation at national meetings. The Department of Otolaryngology – HNS will cover travel and accommodation expenditures for any resident following acceptance of their research to a national meeting.