Residency Conferences

Throughout their training, residents participate in a wide-range of regularly scheduled conferences designed to further resident education by focusing on issues concerning patient management and up-to-date treatment guidelines in a multidisciplinary setting.

  • Pre-operative Surgical Conference

    • Weekly discussion focusing on disease presentation, pre-operative workup, and operative plan for upcoming surgical cases.
  • Head and Neck Oncology Conference

    • Weekly multidisciplinary conference including head and neck surgeons, general surgical oncologists, plastic surgeons, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, radiologists, and surgical pathologists. This conference covers all facets of management of patients with head and neck cancer, disease presentation, radiographic and pathologic findings, and staging with treatment planning.
  • Grand Rounds

    • Monthly presentations by residents, faculty and guest speakers. Each resident is assigned two grand rounds per academic year. Residents are encouraged to pick a topic they find interesting which aids in board preparation.
  • Journal Club

    • Monthly presentation of recent peer-reviewed literature designed to develop critical thinking skills and appraisal of medical literature.  Articles are chosen by residents under guidance of faculty mentors with the aim of cultivating interest in a variety of pertinent topics while examining current practice guidelines.
  • Morbidity & Mortality Conference

    • Monthly round-table discussion featuring resident presentations designed to improve surgical technique and early complication recognition while examining current practices in hopes of improving patient care. 
  • Facial Trauma Conference

    • Monthly multidisciplinary conference on the presentation and management of facial trauma patients.  Organized and led alongside oral and maxillofacial surgery and plastic surgery attendings and residents.  Focuses on current literature while providing insight through exposure to different management strategies.
  • Voice Conference

    • Monthly conference attended by otolaryngology faculty and residents along with speech-language pathologists.  Both neurological and organic phonatory disorders are presented and discussed with a focus on patient symptomatology, laryngoscopic examination findings, and treatment strategies.
  • Radiology Conference

    • Bimonthly conference attended by otolaryngology attendings, residents, and radiologists.  A general topic (e.g., otology/neurotology) is chosen.  Following discussion of normal anatomy, various disease processes are examined in terms of clinical presentation and associated radiologic findings.
  • Pathology Conference

    • Quarterly conference led by surgical pathologists specialized in diseases of the head and neck. One particular topic (e.g., thyroid pathology) is chosen for discussion.  Various disease processes are then further discussed in terms of clinical and histopathological presentation.
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