Housestaff Benefits

Vacations and Holiday Schedules

Chief residents are responsible for creating the vacation and holiday schedules.  Categorical residents are permitted four weeks of vacation a year. Furthermore, residents are allowed eight holidays and four "bonus" days (in accordance with University policy and/or in compliance with board requirements). Finally, residents selected to present research at conferences will be provided the necessary travel time.

Health/Disability/Life Insurance

Both residents and their family members are allowed to participate in the University Health Insurance Program of their choosing. For more information, please refer to the University of Kentucky benefits homepage. Residents are eligible for disability insurance following twelve months of employment. One-times stipend life insurance coverage is provided at no cost, however, residents opt for up to five-times stipend.

Meal Allowance

All residents receive a monthly meal allowance in addition to their regular pay. Residents may choose to spend this money on meals or collect it following the regular pay cycle.

ENT Clinic

A new Otolaryngology clinic opened in June 2018 with approximately four times the patient rooms, two split waiting rooms for adults and pediatric patients, and more overall space. The clinic also houses endoscopy and laser technology for our physicians and staff. 

Resident Room

In July 2018, UK Otolaryngology moved into a new administrative space which included a brand new resident room equipped with a personal desktop computer for each resident. 


Resident contribution to the voluntary University Retirement Plan is optional and multiple different options are available.

Medical Licensure, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Permits

Kentucky state licensure and DEA permits are provided free of charge through the Office of Graduate Medical Education


All residents are provided employee parking permits (valid in E parking areas).

White Coats

Three embroidered white coats are provided per year.

Individual Pager

Pagers are provided to all residents.